Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Isaac Atlas!

 My baby boy is 1!  Ok, so that was last month.  But we celebrated him like crazy.  He is a constant source of joy, love, snuggles, enthusiasm, loud screaming, grunting to get what he wants, smiles, and general enthusiasm for life. Here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite little dude!

We sang him happy birthday at our bbq and gave him a cupcake.  I was surprised that he didn't really go for it!  I always thought that tradition was kind of silly, but we tried it anyway.

Big sis always ready to help

pretty underwhelmed with the whole experience

signing "all done"

Love these pajamas on my sweet boy

So big!  He can stand and walk by himself, but he chooses to crawl since he is so fast!

I could just eat this little face.

Official birthday chair picture!

Sweet boy with lots of teeth

Big hugs for Elmo

Sometimes you like the birthday chair...

and sometimes you don't

This wild man has wild hair to match

Getting ready to go down the slide by himself

really excited to see daddy!

snuggles with a sweaty mom


Kiss those lips all day long. Just all day.

Happy birthday, Isaac man!  Oh how we love you!

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