Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Over the weekend my best gal pals Theresa and Jamie had a sprinkle for our little guy.  It was the most beautiful July morning imaginable (sunny and 70 degrees!) and it was thoughtfully planned, decorated, and attended by some of the sweetest and most fun people I know!  We got really great gifts and now the countdown is on for our Isaac's arrival.  Lots of pictures ahead!

Knowing that his middle name is "Atlas" the pro sprinkle throwers used maps to decorate and it was AWESOME!

These super cool  banners are now hanging in his room!

Some of my favorite pregnancy foods! 

With Theresa

With Jamie
With Megan

With my baby daddy

Hey, Grandmas!

Nate and Violet made an appearance toward the end

Hey, big sister!

3 generations of girls

No sprinkle or baby shower is complete without a cherry seed spitting contest, right??  Of course my mom was the winner - her cherry seed landed 27 feet away!!

LOVE this action shot! 

Teaching the next generation how to do it!

Water Main Break!

In the words of our neighbor, "I don't think I've ever seen a ballerina in rain boots before."  Well, that's how we roll.

Her tutu got wet :-)

The water main break pretty much turned into a block party! 

Scooping out the water with her bucket - how helpful!

Picnic at the park with friends

Monday, July 22, 2013

Goings on

While Aunt Riley came for a visit (yay!) we conducted a St. Louis area donut taste test.  We chose our two favorite places that also happen to be legendary in the city.  I set up a double blind taste test for Riley and Nate and they voted on the winner for each round.  It was super fun and we all felt just a little gross after all of those donuts.  If you're curious, Donut Drive-In won every round except Buttermilk Cake donut.  Even that one was a close call!

We enjoyed an evening at the Webster Groves Farmer's market - affectionately known to us as "apple park" because of the cool seats pictured above.

We met a friend's new baby boy.  Violet loved him a lot!  Less than 8 weeks until our own baby boy...

Riley painted this dope mural for our guy's bedroom. 

Nate got in touch with his artistic side and did a little name graffiti.

Fun times in the sprinkler!

We set up the sprinkler behind the swing so it was a sprinkler swing.  It.Was.Awesome!!!

I mean....!!!!!

I've been checking out craigslist for double strollers and after going back and forth for months decided to get this one.  The best part is that the seats can come out and turn to face any way!   It's pretty cool and Violet really likes it.  Hopefully we'll only need it for a few months and I'm thinking it will be really nice to have in the fall and on warm winter days for us to all get out of the house and head to a park!

Popsicles in the shade.

We got a little too much sun at the pool and lathered up in coconut oil.  Oh, sisters!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Catching up on July

While Nate was in Oklahoma helping with the tornado rebuilding effort, we stayed around home and tried not to cry.  We went to the 4th of July parade with friends.

We stayed up late to watch fireworks in our pajamas.
We got donuts and went to the Botanical Garden.
She was writing a letter to daddy to put in the mail to Oklahoma.  She told me she wrote: Dear daddy, What are you doing in Oklahoma?  Are you eating a lot of okra there?  Are you fixing the tornado?  Tornadoes are very windy and go round and round like the flusher at the pool.  Love, Vi Vi.
A pretty cool map of where different plants and foods grow around the world.

We had fun at the splash pad.

We went for a few bike rides.

Earlier in the month we went to the Butterfly House for the first time.  Our friends Theresa and Luca showed us around and it was a pretty cool place to visit.  This is the cockroach bubble.  Gross.

Gross and also neat for kids to crawl up inside and see lots of cockroaches up close. 

We saw lots of butterflies but were disappointed none landed on us. 

The outdoor part of the Magic House is awesome! 

We got VIP tickets to the Urge concert and it was a fun and beautiful night for it!

Violet got a hold of the camera and was taking pictures of her toys.  Here's pinkalicious!

And hey, mom and dad!

More big girl playdates.

She is getting GOOD at the bike riding thing.  She has outgrown the tricycle and this bike is actually a little small for her.  But, she can ride it all of the way to the city center and  back by herself (with just a little boost going uphill) so it's awesome!

31 weeks and our little guy is measuring back on track.  I wasn't too worried about him measuring 3 weeks ahead because I figured it was just how he was positioned or something weird.  We don't have the genetics to make huge babies - thank the Lord!!  All of the walking to and from the park and pool and particularly swimming laps nearly every night is so beneficial.  I feel good, sleep well, and generally can't believe we'll have another little guy in our family in 2 months or less!
Just for fun - 31 weeks with Violet.  This little guy is much lower than she was and it's cool to see the difference between winter and summer pregnancies :-)