Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Catching up

37 weeks (plus a few days) pregnant with baby Isaac.  Still feeling way too good to be going into labor soon, even though I'm technically full-term and could go at any minute.  Note that means I'm feeling pretty good for being 9 months pregnant - still getting around, sleeping pretty well, and no restrictions.  I definitely have the usual aches and pains, but I am mostly thankful for a pretty uneventful and healthy pregnancy.  Also, baby boy is now head down - hooray!
Just for fun - 37 weeks with Violet and a link to that blog post  http://tenholders.blogspot.com/2010_03_01_archive.html

Our neighbors (who had a baby boy this summer!) invited us over for dinner and asked us to bring dessert.  Lucky neighbors!  2 layer chocolate cake with coffee caramel frosting.  We are excited to eat it!

Vi and I went to First Watch for breakfast after one of my weekly doctor's appointments.  It was fun to go out to eat just us girls!

Last weekend Nate took V for a hike at Lone Elk park.  Hearing them pack was hilarious.  Nate's talking about packing a backpack with a compass, flashlight, water, and snacks. V is packing her backpack with Cinderella, 2 ballerinas, a leaf, lip gloss, a book, glass slippers, and other random things.  Also, this is the outfit she picked.  Like her blinged out "hiking boots?"

They did see some elk from the car, though.

V helped me wash pump parts and bottles for her brother. 

Showing off the cupcake she made at a paint your own pottery place.  It's very colorful!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Playgroup shower

Our little guy is so blessed already to have so many people who love him.  Our Wednesday morning mom's group threw us a little shower and it was awesome.  He got some cute clothes, a super awesome and appropriate globe toy, and plenty of diapers and wipes.  We felt so loved!

Violet being cute, as per the usual.

We also enjoyed the unbelievably beautiful weather and played outside all morning. 

Friends Ethan and Jake

She helped me open all of this presents.

Loving on my girl.

Really perfecting the "cheese" pose

Big Sister Day

We have been planning a special big sister day for Violet.  We wanted her to pick fun activities for us to do as a family of 3 before her baby brother arrives.  Not that we don't do fun stuff all of the time, but just an extra special day to make her feel the love.  Do you know what I'm trying to say?  I hope so because know that I'm trying to explain it in writing it feels weird.

In the morning we went to the Cardboard Boat Regatta at our Shrewsbury pool.  Only 9 boats were entered and we watched them race across the pool.  It was super fun!  The firefighters were show offs and made one with flashing lights and everything. 

This would be fun to do with both kiddos in a few years.  Good way to learn about engineering and construction!

There's a weird phenomenon where kids her age love a certain chain restaurant.  Even if the parents don't like it and have never been there.  Maybe it's a fun word to say?  The food isn't particularly good and it's overpriced, but she ALWAYS asks to go there.  We've made a lot of excuses for why we can't (it's closed, it's too far away, they are out of food, etc.), but decided to finally take here there for her special day.  So, here we are at Applebee's.

After lunch we headed to the Boathouse at Forest Park to do something she has wanted to do for months and months: go paddleboating!

It was the most beautiful afternoon and we even miraculously got a good parking spot.  We all loved it and even a very pregnant mom was able to help paddle.
She sat in the middle and steered.

Baby brother Isaac was also helpful by not choosing to come while we were on a boat.  Thanks, dude!
Gotta have the family shot by the flowers!

Later that day we went to her Big Sister class at Missouri Baptist hospital.  She got to watch a sibling video, learn how to hold a baby in a safe way, and take a tour of the labor & delivery floor.  There were babies in the nursery and she loved seeing them through the glass!  The nurses were so sweet and even held up and unwrapped the babies so the kids could  see their umbilical cord clamps and tiny baby feet.  It was so sweet and she LOVED it!  She even got a special backpack to take home and she is very proud of her big sister knowledge.

She was very loving to her pretend baby!  She will be a great big sister!

Catching up

Vi and Daddy went on a bike ride together

I made about 60 breakfast cookies and froze them for the next few months.  Nesting, perhaps?

Occasionally Violet gets the camera and takes her own pictures - here's one of the MANY shots of her ballerina.

And one of the mom!

Friday, August 9, 2013

August goings on

Working on a baseball stance...

She specifically asked for braids!

Making a guitar a the Contemporary Art Museum
Doing ballet during the music - of course!

Mega cheese!

Trying to get our little guy to flip head down!

We had a fun visit with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mark

V and daddy went to the Rams fan fest and got to sit close to the field and see "the guys"

Violet loved Rampage and thought he was so silly

Being silly at Suson Park (in a beautiful dress with LOTS of tulle!)

She loves to take pictures

Two cheeseballs

Helping me around the house in an interesting outfit...making banana bread.

Super helpful cleaning!

Maternity Photo Shoot...love all of these!