Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello there!

We've been a little busy lately. Here are some scenes.

In his Christmas jammies.

Christmas round 1: Steffeys

Riley in Santa mode.

The smileyest baby

Violet making Christmas cookies.

With lots of sprinkles.


Keeping busy during break from preschool at The Lodge indoor pool.

Violet and a friend making homemade wrapping paper.

Wild lights at the zoo.

Isaac with his arranged best friend John.

He loves his new bouncy seat.

Violet and friends watching a movie together on New Year's Eve.

He tried oatmeal: not liking it.

He tried pureed apples: loving it!

Two kids, lounging in bed.

Violet bundled up to go sledding in the freezing outside.

Making snow angels in 10 inches of snow.

Isaac chilling with Megan, he loves everybody he meets.

Enjoying some hot chocolate.

Playing with friends in the snow.