Thursday, March 20, 2014

Remember how I used to update this?

 I have a confession to make:  lately there has been a ghost writer on this blog.  My computer usage time has gone WAY down since lsaac was born, V started school, life got busier, and mostly since became a popular way for Violet to spend some down time.  I'm thankful we don't have smartphones (yet) and only one desktop (not even wireless!) computer.  It limits my technology time.  Forces me to spend it wisely.  I'm in the midst of planning a wonderful and challenging mom's study at church so most of my computer time is spent emailing and researching.  I am sad not to be able to update the blog as often with adorable pictures of my loves, but that's one thing that has gone down on the priority list.   Sorry, grandparents!  Here are a few recent updates.

Peaceful Mom, Photo credit: Violet Tenholder   
Hey Isaac, you are 6 months old!! 
How do you feel about that?

Pretty amazing it seems!

Also, congrats on your new tooth! 

You are one handsome boy!

Also, hilarious.  Don't forget hilarious!

Ok buddy, you can stop posing.  I know you love to smile.

Just try to stop smiling for one second you happy loveable edible baby-man!!!!

Riding in the cart like a big boy!  See also: most popular baby at Target. The lady in line behind us to check out said she picked our lane so she could smile at the cute baby while she waited.  I mean, seriously.

A picture with the Shrewsbury theater Cinderella!

Corn on the cob is excellent for teething babies - pass it on.

Ok, enough smiling, really.

Here he goes again! Also, see that Violet girl?  She is getting sillier by the minute.  The closer she gets to 4 the wackier she gets with made up words, games, and just imagination overload. 

Doesn't seem like anything special - but after my birthday Nate took the kids to Cape for a whole day.  I got to drink my coffee while it was still warm, eat by steel cut oats without sharing, and do my bible study thoroughly without interruption.  Then I cleaned the house and ran errands by myself.  It was amazing!

This little dude has been sleeping 12 hours at night - hallelujah!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Recent goings-on

 Big sis pushing Isaac and baby John on the swings.
 I love eating solid foods!

And swings!

 I'm six months now, y'all!

 Violet watched the Shrewsbury community theater rendition of Cinderella.
I brushed-up on my meat-and-potatoes skills at a fun cooking class.
We made this beautiful dish.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Classic Violet Moments

Lining up all the princesses for a parade. The ones that can't stand up were in the audience.

Dancing and singing songs from the Frozen soundtrack. Like every other 3-year-old girl, she is obsessed with this movie.