Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday Party!!

Violet has been asking to have a "pink kitty cat" party for months!  So, we had a pink kitty cat party.  It was fun to have our friends together for dessert!  This is the pink kitty cat cake I made for her.

Face painting cat faces because obviously!

Happy Birthday, kitty cat!

Most of her friends wanted to be kitty cats, too!

Her friends were also very interested in watching her open presents.  It was kind of crazy the way she tore through everything...but she told everyone thank you and got lots of awesome stuff!

Daddy read Pinkalicious Flower Girl to the girls

We all made it 3 years!  Hooray!

Check out the desserts: homemade pink marshmallows, mini cones for strawberry ice cream, pink cupcakes with pink sprinkles, and a cookie decorating station.  The kids were going a little crazy after all of this!

Just twirling a little bit...

After going to a friend's birthday party a week before, she requested everyone sing her happy birthday in a whisper voice.  She was concerned about it being too loud.  So, we obliged her!

Puppet Show

We went to see a puppet show at Faust Park with Theresa and Luca.  I didn't know what she would think about it, but she loved it!

They asked for volunteers from the audience to help with the story and she just raised her little hand like a big girl!

She was picked from the audience and got to go up to the front and help!  She was so excited and proud.

After the story we got to ride the carousel.  It was a fun morning!


Being a cheeseball with Aunt Riley

We got 7 inches of snow this week!

She likes to play in the snow for up to 5 minutes.  Then she is too cold.
We made some pretty tasty snow ice cream.

No nap  + 4:00 walk = snooze in the stroller (haven't seen this in a LONG time!)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We met cousin Ashley and Aunt Laura at the Magic House and it was fun to see them!  Violet and Ashley played around each other and it was pretty impossible to get a picture of them looking the same direction. 

Being cute

Literally playing around each other!

Looking the same direction...just not at the camera.  Hello blondies!

Cute girls!

What we're into

Growing babies (14 weeks - a peach)
Writing names and the letter "V" on everything

Moby wraps

From Violet directly, "How about we both wear our moby wraps? I will put my baby in mine and you can put the new baby in yours.  When your baby grows and grows so big and comes out of your belly you can put the baby inside of the moby wrap like mine.  That will be good!  I will show you."

"And then we can go for a walk with our babies!"

Little Gym

Violet loves her Little Gym dance and gymnastics class.  Don't tell her this, but I think the gymnastics part is actually her favorite.  Here she is walking up the bar.

Hanging like a monkey on the rings! We need some park time STAT.

Date night

We had a date night last week and went to Mojo's on South Grand and to the Hartford for dessert. 
On our way we saw this car.  Help us figure it out.  There were balloons on the windshield and balloon flowers on the door handles!  Would you do this for a birthday?  Proposal? Prom date??

Friday, March 8, 2013

Almost 3

Sometimes you were sassy

Sometimes you twirled in front of the mirror

You loved everything outside and asked lots of questions

You were silly

You were done with diapers

You were so big in some ways and still little in others
You thought it was funny to take a surprise picture of daddy 

You were kissable and so innocent and beautiful

You loved to take naps together with mommy on the big bed

You told us jokes and thought everything could be funny

You're still just my baby snuggling with me on the big bed

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dinner and Dancing

Finally...finally...finally at a dance class!!  She met her end of the deal and has been in panties full time for a few weeks.  She is a big girl and definitely earned her reward - a dance class!  We are back at the Little Gym for a ballet and gymnastics class and she LOVES it!  The only complaint she had was that they didn't have music during the dancing part.

After dancing we went out for dinner just us girls to celebrate.  She was having a lot of fun although here she looks miserable.  I should really start asking someone else to take a picture of us.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bump debut!

12 weeks and ready for my birthday dinner

10 weeks and baby the size of a prune

8 weeks with a big blueberry

Somebody else had to get in on the action

7 weeks with a tiny blueberry
Just for fun, link to some of the same weeks way back in 2009 when Violet was just the size of a blueberry!