Friday, September 23, 2011


Using a (humungous) headband, she strapped her arms like this. Interesting.


Sometimes she's so good at this kind of thing I forget she's not even 18 months yet. A friend suggested we enroll her in a real gymnastics class ASAP and we agree. Being small, mighty, and fearless is an excellent combination for a gymnast!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Earn your keep

Cheap at Walgreens

Not bad for a quarter, eh?

-More free panty liners and tampons (hard to pass up these freebies!)
-little OJ
-Infants Advil (very important right now and usually very expensive)

Crazy for the Magic House

The Magic House opened early last week for members and we took advantage of it! We went twice last week and had so much fun both times. There is SO MUCH for her to do there and we don't even stray off the first floor.

Being silly in the boat

We played in the outdoor garden area for a LONG time. It was super cute. There's a little pond with ducks and boats floating all around. She got soaking wet but neither of us minded :-)

Putting her duckies in the boat

Playing in the water with her "cheese" smile

I was there, too!

The second day we were there we explored the tree house area. You guys! It is so awesome. There's a little pizza parlor she can work at, a library, and a children's hospital where she got to take care of BABIES!! If you have been around Violet in the last few weeks you know she is baby crazy so that was amazing.

Making pizzas in the oven with a cute apron

Giving a baby a "ba ba"

Being so sweet to a baby. I think she picked up the nasty cold has now around the 25 second mark...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More deals

Got everything from Walgreens for $11!

Lots of words!

You guys! Last week I started writing down all of the words Violet can say and every day I'm adding to the list. As of this morning we're up to 44! A couple of weeks ago she started saying two word phrases: hi, daddy! bye, baby! and something like HIIIIIIII MOMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!! The first two word phrase was "uh-oh wah wah" when there was some water on the floor.

This morning she said three words with a combination of signing and saying. She signed all done, then said down, then signed & said please! Just had to brag on my chatty girl today!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playing in the rain

We had a friend from the babysitting co-op over for most of the day on Friday. Violet was a big helper with the little one. We even took a walk in their double stroller!

Helping the "baby" get her blanket and rubbing her back

Showing off her gyro bowl, courtesy of Grammy

This is the baby she loves the most - her new cousin Ashley!

Celebrating with her grandparents for their 35th anniversary

Deals 9-11

This is what $11 got me this morning at CVS. Woot!

-CVS brand window & surface cleaner
-CVS brand bathroom cleaner
-small bottle Dawn dish soap
-6 packs Trident gum
-2 CVS brand 60 count bottles of women's vitamins
-Ritz crackerfuls (free coupon printed at CVS coupon kiosk!)
-Baby Ruth (for the hubs)
-RePHresh tampons
-CVS brand allergy relief tablets
-Skippy peanut butter
-1/2 gallon whole milk for Violet
-2 Airwick Freshmatic kits
-1 Airwick Freshmatic refill

Friday, September 9, 2011



I got out Violet's fall clothes since it's been cool this week. The next size of clothes has transformed my little toddler into a big girl. I don't know what it is about a bigger shoe size, longer pants, and shirts so cute I would want to buy them for myself that makes my little girl look so big.

This is what $4 got us at Dierbergs
(2 boxes Ronzoni pasta, 2 Greek yogurts, Tribe hummus, english muffins, chex mix, and bugles)

Sometimes you come out of the bathroom with a pad stuck to your head.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We went to the zoo today and I'm not sure why I've been avoiding it all summer. It helped that it was 65 degrees out and we got a close parking spot. Violet had more fun than you might assume when looking at this picture. Her favorite part of the zoo: the train!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cardinal's Game

We were happy to get free tickets to the day game today. It was definitely an adventure taking a curious toddler on the Metro and to Busch stadium! It turned out to be a lot of fun and we didn't feel bad about barely watching the game and leaving early.

On the Metro! She loved to look out the window and say "choo choo" since we told her it was a train.

We stayed in our seats for almost half an hour. That's a long time with a wiggleworm!

We went to the family area to let her run around. I was casually glancing around the seats and spotted my good friend Jen from high school!! She was supposed to come to our bbq but couldn't because she got ENGAGED on Sunday. Congratulations, Jen and Justin!! Isn't God so good to put two old friends just a few feet from each other?

This is the best one we took...

Walking on the "balance beam" while waiting for the Metro. Also, I call those white pants "leggings" and Nate calls them "sliding pants."

Cutest Cardinals fan? Definitely!


Hanging out

Deals 9-4

I went to CVS Sunday morning and did some couponing for the first time in a few weeks. It was great! I spent $4.50 and got everything here. I did use a $10 gift card I got for $6 from a deal-a-day website, so technically I spent $10.50. Still pretty good!

-box Apple Jacks
-box Corn Pops
-Skintimate cream shave
-2 packages of baby Orajel
-2 Hershey's Air Delight
-1 Dove candy bar (the CVS coupon machine printed a coupon for a free one!)
-Carefree panty liners (almost always free for these)
-Physician's Formula palette blush (price is $11.50)
-ReNu travel size contact solution
-Nexxus travel size hair mouse (I need travel stuff for our trip!)


We had a great turnout and beautiful weather for our annual bbq yesterday! About 35 people came and it was so great to see everyone. We even managed to have a friend take a picture of the 3 of us. What a way to celebrate our 6 year anniversary :-)

Friday, September 2, 2011

City Kid

This morning we headed downtown with our friends Lindsey and Jake. We spent a while walking around the City Garden and playing in the fountains. It was a really cool place! 2 city blocks right in the middle of downtown blocked off with a splash pad, big sculptures, lots of grassy area, and a wading pool with a big fountain.

I call this "Big City, Little Girl"

Violet and her buddy Jake

Checking out the big sculpture

Playing inside the big head!

We all started to get a little hot and hungry so we headed to Foam on Cherokee Street for lunch. It is a really cool place with a lounge area complete with a toy box for little ones!

We ate Companion pretzels with black bean hummus. YUM! Lindsey and I made another playdate so we can make those homemade marshmallows featured on "Feast" magazine's cover.

Two cute city kids!

Getting ready for the bbq

We're getting ready for our big bbq this weekend and Violet is very helpful.

Filling the baby pool for all of the kiddos

Sweeping the deck

(and sweeping the grass?)

Gotta make sure your nails are in tip-top shape

We can't wait to see everyone!