Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Day!

Violet's recreation of part of a book - letting the snow melt on her baby's skin

I'm running super fast in the snow!!

Looking cute stuffed into a size 18 months snowsuit

Helping daddy make a backyard snowman

Lots more snow today!

Snow angels, YES!!

This snowman is like, "What?  I'm smoking a pipe.  What?!?"

THE outfit

The dance costume + kitty cat knee socks = her favorite outfit of all time!!! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Christmas

 Our extended Christmas celebration continued to Christmas day....

We made Reindeer cookies (Violet's pinterest choice - seriously) and later delivered them to our neighbors

Christmas morning!!

Daddy read us the first few chapters from Luke so we could have the right Christmas heart attitude.

And then...presents!

Robes!  OMG!!

Nate opening his 13 in '13 gift.  13 date nights/activities planned for 2013.  He was as excited to look through them as I was to make them :-)

One envelope for every month.  Some highlights: rock climbing, ice skating, tickets to see an Improv comedy group, trivia night, a hike and picnic, bike ride scavenger hunt
Oh hey, dance costume and Christmas tutu!

How is she looking so grown up??

Playing with Papa

A very Tenholder Christmas

Checking out her new awesome kitty cat keyboard!


Super cute!

Christmas naps were had by all 

Enjoying the big grocery store from Aunt Laura and Uncle Sean

A Very Steffey Christmas

The Steffey Family came early for Christmas!  Per the usual, it was a blasty blast. There were whoopie cushions, tons of presents, tears from hysterical laughter, Ted Drewes, and hugs.  Perfect!

Traditional Christmas dinner: quesadillas.

Two cute pa-toots!

Present time!

It was a very Elmo Christmas and Violet was so excited!  She is kissing LOL Elmo here.

Yay Elmo!

More Elmo stuff!

Uncle Logan had a HUGE box to open!
Good thing he had a helper...

Balloons filled with cash...OMG!

All of my Christmas dreams from the last 10 years came true with my very own Kitchenaid stand mixer.  It's totally amazing and looks so perfect on the counter.
Hold up your new socks, guys!
Do you like them homemade body scrub, Riley? Um, yeah. She does.
The warmest, coziest, softest blanket you could ever imagine.
The dance costume that will live in infamy.  She was worn this since Christmas!

After presents we were on to another tradition - Ted Drewes and walking Candy Cane Lane just a few blocks away.  It was super cold, but we bundled up and made it.  Love the Carhart, Riley!

Oh hey, Tenholders!

Hey, Steffeys!

Testing out the new mixer by making a pink cake.  What else??

See what I mean about the Elmo Christmas???

Hair to ya Motha

 My mom came a day early for Christmas and I'm so glad she did.  We haven't spent time together just the two of us for a long time.  We had crazy amounts of fun, you guys!  We decided, on a whim (duh), to dye our hair.  We did the same color!


Oh, I'm sorry, I don't recognize this fierce model.  Ahem.

During!  Love Nate eating Fritos and reading a book in the background :-)

Mom, try it without big eyes.  NOT POSSIBLE! 

Super mega gorgeous!  It's not that much of a color difference on either of us, but it was fun! 


We had a surprise visitor last week for two days - baby Luca!  Even though he's a walking jabbering dude we still call him baby Luca.  Look at these cuties!

Violet helped me roll out the cinnamon rolls we make every year for friends and family.

Sometimes you need a little Fro Yo, you know?