Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today we went with some friends to the Kirkwood Pool. We had a lot of fun! She looks so cute in her bathing suit and little hat that it made the trip totally worth it. She loves to be in the water and I can't wait for swimming lessons next summer! This is the story of our day from Violet's point of view.

Oh cool, we're going on a trip? Where are we going?

The pool?!?!?

Oh, it's kind of like bath time? Phssshh, I can handle that.

I look pretty cute in my bathing suit!

Before I can get in the water I just need a little snooze.

Whoa, it's kind of bright out here. But, I think I like it!

I can pretty much stand on my own, thank you very much. My mom was pretty excited, as you can see.

I'm loving this!

Bring on the water, mom!

The water feels so good on my little legs.

Woot woot - I'm a water baby!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chatty Morning Girl

Violet is very talkative in the mornings. I like to think she is telling me all about her dreams and her plans for the day. We have no idea where she gets her gift of gab. None.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Happy Father's day to the man of our dreams. We love you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day in the Life

This is an example of a typical day around our house. I wanted to keep track of things like this to help me remember how hard/fun/easy/etc. my life was like. It also really helped me when my good friend Ashley could tell me what her little girl was doing at 6 weeks, 12 weeks, etc. so I had a frame of reference with baby Violet. This is life as we know it - she is almost 12 weeks. We have a pretty routine 3 hour schedule and it's basically eat, play, sleep: rinse, repeat. Her naps get progressively shorter throughout the day and she naturally eats a little bit closer together at night to fill up her belly for the long night.

6:00: Nate is up and getting ready for work. Sometimes I'll get up around 6:30 so I can help him get out the door and have a few minutes before it's baby time because she is starving when she wakes up so I need to be at the ready.
6:55: Baby is Awake! Sleeping since 11 PM the night before. She typically sleeps 7.5-8 hours with no interruptions - I know we are lucky!
7:00-7:30: Eat -she has always wanted to eat as soon as she wakes up. There's not even time to change her diaper!
7:30-8:15: Awake time. Change diaper, play on activity mat, I eat breakfast.
8:15-8:30: Back to bed. This is the time during the day I truly cherish. We both are still in our pajamas and we cuddle up in bed. She talks to me and usually easily falls back asleep for her longest nap of the day. I go back to sleep, too!
10:15: Awake! I usually slowly help her wake up a little bit because she could probably keep dozing off and on until 11. I've seen what happens when she sleeps that long and it's not good for the rest of the day.
10:15-10:45: Eat
10:45-11:45: Awake time. Get dressed for the day (her, not me).
11:45-12:00: Time for a nap. We have a pretty good system for getting her to sleep. It involves her "sleeping music" on the sound machine, a few minutes to cuddle, then down in the crib for her to fall asleep. Usually it takes a few minutes because she will just talk to herself, squirm around, roll to her belly and get frustrated, etc. Sometimes we help her calm down with a pacifier, and sometimes she doesn't need it. During this nap is when I can take a shower, get ready, have lunch, and do computer stuff. If we're going somewhere, I'll make sure everything is ready. I also usually clean up the house a little bit.
1:15: Awake!
1:15-1:45: Eat
1:45-2:50: Awake time. If I have to do any errands, this is when I typically do them. We're both dressed and ready and her belly is full.
2:50-3:00: Nap time.
4:00: Awake! This is another fun time of day because Nate gets home at 4 so usually he can tell me about his day and have a few minutes to transition from work to home while she is eating.
4:00-4:30: Eat
4:30-6:00: Awake time. We make and eat dinner. If we're going out to eat, this is when we go. She doesn't take very long naps in the evening anymore, so it's unlikely she'll sleep the whole time we're gone.
6:00-6:20: Try to go to sleep. She's tired and we know it. This is the time she fights going to sleep so it usually takes her a while and then she doesn't sleep for too long.
6:55: Awake!
6:55-7:25: Eat
7:25-9:00: Awake time. This is the most fun family time because we sometimes all three just lay on the floor and talk to each other. We're all usually home so we just hang out and enjoy each other.
9:00-9:25: Try to nap. Same situation. We all know she's tired and needs one more little snooze before bed time. I've tried to just have her stay up until her last feeding or just eat a little sooner, but either scenario has left us with an overtired baby who is not happy. Putting her to bed early means we're up at 5:30 or so and our day just doesn't go as smoothly so this is currently what works best.
9:55: Awake!
9:55-10:25: Eat
10:25-11:00: Bedtime routine. When she's done eating, we give her a few minutes to let her food settle while we prep the nightime stuff. Then it's bathtime, lotion/massage time, pajamas, a story, and then sleeping time. She usually is pretty tired since her last couple of naps have been short so she doesn't need as much awake time. Asleep by 11 is the goal and usually she's totally out by then.

Long story short:
-Eat at roughly 7,10,1,4,7,10
-Awake then nap after each feeding, sleeps 7-8 hours at night


This is possibly the cutest way to sleep. Add ruffle butt pajamas and I can hardly stand it! It's hard to tell, but she has her little booty way up high with her feet tucked underneath.

She loves to be right up against the edge like this. If you try to move her, she will wake up and wiggle right back to where she started.

High Chair

We decided to bring out the strap-on high chair so Violet can eat at the table with us. It is adjustable and leans back a little so she's pretty comfy in it. She looks like such a big girl playing with her toys while we eat! Just a few more months and she'll be eating right with us.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daddy's girl

This little girl loves her daddy! Just look at the way she is staring and smiling at him!

Fun with mom

I was having fun playing on the bed with my smiley happy girl!

She's starting to pull my hair and sometimes she even pulls my glasses off

So many kisses!

What a funny girl

Later on dad got in on the action

When your best friend scares you

Violet loves her elephant. Until he totally freaked her out!

This Sunday was very special because Violet was dedicated at church. Several family members and friends came to the service and back to our house to celebrate. It was an exciting day! We have a video, but I think it is too long to post here. I can tell you that when they put her picture up on the big screen, there was a lot of oohing and awwing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Random pictures

Last weekend we had a pajama party. All 3 of us put our pj's on, danced around, made no-bake cookies, and we played Upwords while Violet took a nap. We are always thinking of our baby girl!

Now that she's a rolling machine, she is getting so strong and can hold her head up when on her belly and look around. It's so fun to get down to her level to see her facial expressions!

She almost always ends up sleeping on her belly now

We love bath time!


Monday, June 7, 2010

Dancing girl

While I was pregnant I suspected that Violet would love to dance, and here's the proof!