Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Things we Love

Growing a baby (18 weeks - a potato!)  I need an updated shot since I'm almost 20 weeks - halfway done!

Our baby boy!

Look at his sweet little profile and leg kicking up!

Imaginary play (doll houses at the science center)

Playing flower girl

Official pregnancy craving: avocados!!!  I am crazy about this wrap and eat it almost every day for lunch: spinach, tomatoes, and avocado with balsamic

This is my happy food!  I've been mostly a vegetarian since January (this little guy isn't letting me handle, cook, or eat much meat) and this build-your-own quinoa salad was DELISH!

We made sidewalk paint and it was super fun

Even more fun to paint yourself purple!

Monkeying around at a friend's outdoor birthday party - we are loving being outside!

Friday, April 19, 2013

look at this cutie!

Excited to know she'll  have a little brother!

Taking my picture

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trip to Tremont

 Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.  Sometimes you miss your family and just want some time with them.  Sometimes a little fresh air on a farm feels so good.  Sometimes your sister is in the Sound of Music and you want to see her on the stage.  Sometimes you have a chance to catch up with an old friend and it's so worth the trip.  Sometimes you need a trip to Tremont!

Driving the tractor with Papa


Also sisters! (not)

Flying kites on the farm

A little bit of sleep (I repeat: a little bit of sleep)

Jumping with her new bestie Natalie

Swinging into a foam pit

Two monkeys!

Papa took us out for ice cream at Pinky's and to the park

So much space to run around (and chase chickens!)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Big girl dance class

All week long she looks forward to her dance class.  She's interested in learning the days of the week so we talk a lot about what happens on Wednesday nights.  It's dance class time!  She got her new dance bag all packed with her tap shoes, ballet slippers, a tutu skirt in case her legs got cold, some cold water, and whatever else she decided to pack.   She looks so grown up carrying her bag into her class by herself!
On the balance beam

Working on tapping - she has a lot of learning to do!

More spring fun

Find Violet!

We brought chalk to the park and it was a big hit.  Here's she's drawing a monkey hanging from a tree in a jungle.  Specifically, his little tiny cute monkey face.  That's exactly how she described it!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tap Shoes

A new dance class means new tap shoes!  Her new class is a big step because she goes in without us and is learning to be part of a group with no parents in the room.  She also gets a full hour to do gymnastics, tap, and ballet.  It's great and she LOVES it!!


3 year old chair pictures are a challenge

Much different than sitting nicely at 4 months!!

Monday, April 8, 2013


"Helping" me stuff eggs with candy.  This is her, "It's ok if I have a few smarties?  And maybe one or two fruit snacks?  It's ok, mommy?  It's ok for Easter?"

Hey bunny ears!!

Pretty cute Easter outfit, huh? 

We had a little Easter egg hunt after church and of course she needed her wings.  

Grandma and Papa came up from Cape Girardeau and it was so fun! 

We had a little birthday celebration and she got some super cute dress up clothes.  Most importantly, she got a pink ballerina music box!!  Starting a day before her birthday she asked us 25 times a day for a pink ballerina music box.  Papa managed to find one and she LOVES it!!!  She was so excited!

More birthday!!

On her birthday she woke up to lots of presents!  A special surprise was that Grammy, Aunt Riley, and Uncle Logan were staying with us after their Florida trip!  She got fairy wings and high-heeled dress up shoes, as requested. 
She had been asking to go to the Arch for her birthday for months.  So, we all went.  The only issue was that it was SUPER crowded since it was Good Friday and probably spring break for a lot of people.  We played outside on the Arch grounds and had fun even if we didn't take a tram to the top. 

I feel like we look a little bit alike here...can you see it??
Oh, hey Tenholders.
Just some acrobatics...the usual.

Oh, hey Steffeys!

After the Arch we headed to Citygarden for lunch.  The big girl requested food trucks for lunch (how cool is she?) and we got gyros and some food from Lulu's.  It was delicious!
The Steffeys enjoyed their 1st food truck experience!

We climbed across the reflecting pool several times.

Jumping with daddy

After a quick nap we made homemade pizzas for dinner.  Notice all of the olives for the birthday girl!  And the fairy wings!  And the outfit change!

More candles...

I think she woke up older on her birthday.  She just looks like a 3-year-old now.  No longer a toddler.  A preschooler.

A little park action after dinner