Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy weekend!

We had a fun and busy weekend at the Tenholder house! Isaac was dedicated in our Saturday night church service.  It was great to publicly declare we will teach our son to know God.  Violet came with us since she has a big part in teaching him, too.

He got a shout out for having the "coolest guy's name ever" and we have to agree.

He snuggled with Papa during the service

The Tenholder 4!  Believe it or not, Violet has morphed into a daddy's girl and waits all day for him to come home.  I'm thankful she has such a loving daddy so that Isaac can enjoy lots of mama time!

Grandma and Papa took us out for ice cream to celebrate


We went to Bounce U for a friend's birthday party and it was awesome!  Parents can go on everything, too.  We all had a lot of fun. 

Girls really learn how to cheese for the camera!

We also went to a fairytale tea at the Magic House!  We got to see a short version of Cinderella and got to meet her.  It was a fun girls only morning.

Decorating a crown.  You can never have too many jewels!

Posing on the stage

And cheesing!

Concerned for Cinderella...

Drinking tea from a real tea cup!

Presenting Cinderella with the art she made for her and flowers she picked on the way in.  It was so sweet!

She could hardly contain herself!!

The best word to describe 3 and a half is: DRAMA. We've got it in spades!

See any resemblance?

7 weeks for Halloween

7 weeks Violet

8 weeks Violet - long and lean!

8 weeks Isaac

Hey little guy, is it cool if your sister makes her ballerina dance on your head??

Pretty proud of himself for rolling over at 8 weeks!  Same as big sister.

Working hard on his belly!

Violet working hard, too!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quick Catch Up

Oh hey there!  We are around and just barely keeping up with daily living.  Things like blogs, emails, and showers are low on the priority list.  Here's a quick catch up of what we've been doing this last month.  The order of the pictures isn't what's important, right?

Isaac 3 weeks

4 weeks and WINKING

5 weeks 

6 weeks with big sister

Grammy and Aunt Riley came for a visit
Riley was so happy to meet Isaac - and he snuggled her right away!

She tried on a friend's costume and was Ariel for a few minutes.  I just kept thinking that this is more like what I imagined my kids would look like.  Finally some red hair!
2 Cinderellas at our playgroup party!
Very fancy!

At the zoo with daddy-o

He met Aunt Ginny

This is Violet's main "stage" where we frequently enjoy dance shows

We are all happy to be able to feed Isaac.  The pumping and bottle feeding is going well!

Cardinal's fever swept St. Louis

Grammy brought a rockin' dollhouse!  They put it together super fast and she loves it!

Enjoying a morning at home

Ready to trick or treat!  Daddy helped make this amazing carriage. 

Isaac was a pumpkin

Remember that carriage?  It lasted about 30 seconds in the rain.  Streamers disintegrate, Cinderella falls in her glass slippers, paint runs, and we are sad.  We went to a Halloween party to wait out the rain and I'm so glad we did.  We had a good hour of dry trick-or-treating and Violet and I had a BLAST.  She was hilarious.  It was fun.  Halloween is my favorite kid holiday. 

Oh hey smiling baby!

Holding his head up like a champ

Appropriate photo for a kid with Atlas as his middle name

Outing to the Museum of Transportation.  We love riding the outdoor train there!

Attempted "nature walk" with a tired and crabby girl. 

Making a princess cake!

Enjoying a benefit of preschool - a reading bag she gets to take home.  Anything to keep her busy brain working!

Nate and his mom enjoyed game 5 of the World Series

Carol enjoyed a $10 beer!

The two most important men in my life dozing. 

This is a picture from the video monitor of Violet checking on her baby brother.  She practically climbs into his crib to help him when he is crying!  She loves him so much.

At home date night brought to you by Aldi!  They had prosciutto, jalapeno havarti cheese, smoked gouda, and cornbread crackers.  Even the Lambrusco and Mascato wines are from Aldi!