Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back in Action

Nate and Violet walked to the Shrewsbury fall fest parade and she got a TON of candy.  They said it was a lot of fun!  It was the perfect sunny and cool day for a fall festival!

One of the floats was a replica of the seminary next to our house.  Pretty cool!

After the parade they went to the fall fest site and they had some inflatable slides.  Vi was very brave and did the biggest one by herself!
She said she went "super fast" and really liked it!

My sweet friend and forever work wife Megan came to visit our snuggly guy. 

Violet and I decided to take our babies for a walk in our moby wraps.  Her baby Rose liked it a lot.

Isaac liked his inaugural moby ride, too!

Monday, September 23, 2013

First week home

 It's been a busy first week at home after baby Isaac joined our family!  Here's what we've been doing.

1 week chair picture (Is it my imagination or does his hair look a little red in this picture?  Maybe it's the light?)
First walk in the double stroller with both kiddos

Violet reading a big sister book to her brother

Nate and Violet went on a special errand and brought me back fancy treats!  A chai latte from Gelateria on South Grand and TO DIE FOR macarons from Le Patisserie Chouquette.  Fancy schmancy!  If you are in the area, go here immediately and purchase 1000 s'more macarons.  http://simonefaure.com/

Violet loves her baby brother and he loves her!
She likes to make him "walk walk walk" on her belly

Looking fancy (and tired) in a bowtie!
I mean, how handsome is this!

Baby heaven!

My new normal.

Some things are the same...Violet playing with Cinderella and her ballerinas in their makeshift houses.
And oh yeah, Violet started preschool!  She goes on Monday and Thursday mornings and the timing could not have been better.  So far we both really like it!

Celebrating the first day of school with Grammy - another shout out to my mom for helping me out a couple of days last week.  We couldn't have done everything without her help!

We had a pizza picnic on pink plates and then pink froyo.  A delish lunch!

We also made it to Tilles Park food truck night.  It was raining, but we ate our tasty dinner under a shelter.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Boy Meets World

 While it's still fresh in my memory, here is the story of Isaac's entrance to the world.  If only I could count the ways God has blessed me this week alone, friends.  This whole story from pregnancy to labor to hospital to home and transitioning to a family of 4 has been better than I hoped.  We are so loved and so aware of how much we don't deserve all of these blessings, yet God has given them to us.  So thankful, so so thankful.

I will try to keep the details from being too descriptive (i.e. gross).

These are the basics:
-in labor for about 14 hours (4 PM to almost 6 AM)
-walked a LOT and used the birthing ball for about 10 hours (Nate and mom applied counter pressure to my back during contractions with a tube sock filled with tennis balls!)
-arrived at hospital at 8:30 PM and admitted to labor & delivery immediately (it was obvious I was in real labor, apparently!) 
-mom arrived around midnight and was able to help during labor, see her grandson born, and even cut his umbilical cord!
-got epidural at 2:25 AM, no pitocin needed and labor continued on my own
-water broke at 2:45 AM in most awesome way and was so loud it scared all of us!
-Was "complete" at 5:30 - nurses called doctor and he was there by 5:40
-Did what I thought was a practice push and out flew Isaac Atlas Tenholder at 5:48 AM!  He was 7 pounds and 13 ounces and 20 and a quarter inches long.  His birthday is September 12th.
-Recovery in postpartum wing was wonderfully quiet and comfortable.  Nurses mostly left me alone and I was graciously put in a room at the end of the hall so it was extra cozy.
-Isaac needed a few trips to the baby sauna/warmer to keep his temperature up on his first day and was fine after that.
-Went home on Saturday, September 14th.
-He is a rockstar baby and nurses well, sleeps well, poops & pees regularly, and all around totally nails being a baby.

In labor walking around the seminary.   Contractions every 8 minutes at this point.  All during the day I was having non-regular contractions and feeling very labor-y.  My body is so amazing that it knew what I was in for and I took 2 naps that day!  Violet and I both took a long afternoon nap, which is rare, and it was such a blessing to have had that rest for both of us!  I started having regular and progressively more intense contractions almost immediately after Nate got home from work at 4:00.  We ate dinner and I kept track of them as they got closer and closer.  Nate and Violet went to Target to get a new Cinderella and while they were gone I walked around the seminary.  By the time they got home, I was pretty sure I was truly in labor.  We took another slow walk around as a family and then I came home and took a shower to see if the contractions would slow down.  They didn't! 

We told Violet she was going to have a sleepover at her friend's house and she was so excited!  While I took a shower, she packed a suitcase and got ready to go.  I wanted to stay home a little while longer, but she was super excited to go so we drove the few blocks to our neighbor's house to drop her off at 7:30.   By this time, my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart, so I was so thankful to drop her off somewhere close to home.  She was not upset at all when we left and she was just excited to meet her brother soon.  Having her be so happy at another place was such a relief.  We didn't worry about her at all while in labor and that is yet another huge blessing.  After dropping her off, we went home for a little bit.  I called my doctor to let him know I was headed to the hospital and off we went!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We arrived at Missouri Baptist at 8:30 and were admitted quickly.  My nurses were AMAZING.  I was checked at arrival and was a "good" 3.  After we filled out paperwork and I was monitored for a bit, I walked the halls and listened to my ipod.  I would stop during contractions and lean my arms and head against the wall while Nate or my mom massaged my back with tennis balls.  Checked again at 11:15 and was a "good" 4.  This particular check was the worst and most uncomfortable minute of my life.  It.was.awful.  The nurses do not mess around!  I walked and bounced on the ball pretty non-stop until about 2:00 AM.  I was getting very tired and so got the epidural in hopes of some rest.  It was in by 2:30 and my water broke at 2:45.  Checked right afterwards and was a 6.  It was so awesomely huge and loud!  So cool!!  My contractions were still regular and I could rest between them from 2:45-5:30 or so.  I could still feel the tightness in my belly and it was hard to get good rest, but it was better than being in pain and exhausted!  I am so thankful the epidural worked properly and I didn't have any complications.   At 5:30, my nurse checked me again and I was complete and ready to push.  I felt so numb that I was worried I didn't feel pressure to push.  She asked me to try and said I moved his head so she was calling my doctor.  He arrived 10 minutes later at 5:40 and said, "Melissa T!  Let's do this!"  He suited up and all of the lights came on and baby stuff was prepped.  It was a very quick transition to peaceful labor room to delivery time!  My doctor told me to give a push and I thought it was just kind of practice to see how things were progressing.  We were all shocked when he said, "hey, buddy!" and put Isaac on my chest.  I could not believe he was here already!  Even though the labor was long, the actually delivery was so quick I was not prepared.  I'm pretty sure my first reaction to him being born was, "WHAT?"  My mom and Nate were also super surprised and we just all kind of looked at him and at each other and laughed!

Hey, little guy!  His Apgar scores were 8 and 9 - the same as Violet's.  He was pink and screaming and so handsome!  After I held him for a while they cleaned him up, weighed him, wrapped him, and gave him back to me.  So precious! 

I was loving on my little dude!  I pretty immediately fell super head over heels in love with him.  I realized I had a son and he was ours and healthy and was so relieved and overcome with thankfulness.  That's all I can write because I am crying a little and can't see through my tears.
And I wasn't the only one super smitten.  Having Grammy there when he was born was amazing.  Such a special experience to share!  Of course daddy loved his little man, too!  Trust me when I say he has been very loved from the beginning!  After a little time spent under the warmer and some heel stick drama for a diabetes test, we were moved to the postpartum wing around 9:00. 

Dad loving his son!

With our awesome labor & Delivery nurse Miranda.  She was the BEST!

Nate went to pick up Violet and brought her to the hospital to see her baby brother.  She was SO EXCITED!  She first saw him through the nursery window since he was under the warmer.  He came back to the room quickly and she got to hold him.  She was rubbing her face all over him because he was so soft and snuggly.  It was so sweet!

2 kids suddenly felt so normal and so right.  How could we not have had another baby?  How could I  have ever thought I wanted another girl?  It was so clear that this exactly was the plan for us and we embraced it.  How wonderful, how glorious.

Violet came back several times over the next few days.  She loves to hold him and always asks where he is and what he is doing.  She is gentle with him and just an all-around great big sister.

Grandma and Papa came from Cape Girardeau to meet their grandson, too!

Papa got some snuggle time in, too.

3 generations of Tenholder men

Grammy and her grandkids

Just relaxing in that super awesome rolling bed.  Violet called it a "tupperware" since it's a clear box. 

Hospital food is not what it used to be, friends.  I had this veggie pita with balsamic drizzle and baked sweet potato fries for at least 3 meals.  Being able to order meals and have them delivered is amazing.  Just one of the reasons I actually enjoy the hospital stay!

Theresa came to visit and it was so great!

But mostly, the time in the hospital was spent just the two of us.  It was great!  Besides our immediate families and my sister-from-another-mother Theresa, I didn't entertain hospital visitors.  There was wisdom in that decision because I was able to rest, have food brought to me, sleep whenever I could, snuggle with my guy whenever I wanted, and just  hang out in a peaceful place.  Home with an active 3-year-old is great, but not exactly peaceful.  My nurses were awesome and gave me plenty of space and came quickly when I needed them.  For example, changing the first couple of post-circumcision diapers.  Yikes!!

By Saturday morning it was time to leave our little cocoon.  We put real clothes on Isaac and packed up. 

Both of these cuties are ours!

Nate and Vi were particularly excited to go home!
And I was, too. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Waiting around...

There's not a lot going on at Casa Tenholder these days.  It turns out that your calendar clears up right before a baby is due.  So, we're beating the heat by making an ice skating rink for Cinderella and her friends.   Over the weekend we hosted our 7th annual labor day bbq.  We had so many friends and family come and it was so great to see everyone!  Would you know we didn't take a single picture of the festivities??  Also, we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this week and went on a dinner date to Cunetto's on the Hill.  Not a picture of that, either.  Whoops...

We're even taking (occasional) naps!