Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello? Anybody Home?

Hey there!  We are still here and keeping busy.  Violet has several weeks off from preschool so our mornings have been all together again.  Isaac is growing like crazy and continues to be the sweetest baby in the history of the world.  We are all super excited for Christmas!!

The love of my life, Isaac Atlas.  I could just inhale this kid and his smile.
I  mean, come on!!

My buddy taking a shoulder snooze

Both of my blue-eyed babies

We spent Thanksgiving in Cape Girardeau and this guy was shocked at how much we all ate.  Just shocked.

Thankful for these two!

This beautiful girl chose to dip her waffle in mustard.  She ate the whole thing, y'all!

One of my childhood BFFs Ashley came to visit and meet Isaac.  The thing about BFFs is that they come to visit and also will change your baby's poopy diaper, clean your countertops, and go shopping with you and your postpartum bod.  Amazing!

So thankful to have been friends for almost 20 years!

AND she makes the cutest accessories for my babies.  Check out my dude in his hat!

Isaac got to meet Papa and they instantly bonded!

Super happy baby and a happy Grandpa!
Lookin' big in the bumbo seat

I can't help but smile every time I see this kid!

Christmas tree time!

Time to get on the cloth diaper wagon...hold on!

V has been doing chores to earn extra spending money.  While cleaning out the car she said, "Geez, mom.  Why is it so disgusting in here??"  Hmm....I have no idea.  Her side was covered in sparkles and pretzel crumbs.

Santa Violet!

My sis-in-law Laura and I ran the Santas on the Loose 5K in 10 degree weather.  It was amazing to finish it and come home and warm up.  Fun times. Cold times.

We got snow, people!

Working hard to earn more money to buy her own nail polish and a sitting Jasmine. 

Is this kid FOR REAL with the cuteness.  I could just burst.

We celebrated Christmas early with cousin Ashley and the girls got along so well!

Papa loves having all 3 of his grandkids together!

See, here we are.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy weekend!

We had a fun and busy weekend at the Tenholder house! Isaac was dedicated in our Saturday night church service.  It was great to publicly declare we will teach our son to know God.  Violet came with us since she has a big part in teaching him, too.

He got a shout out for having the "coolest guy's name ever" and we have to agree.

He snuggled with Papa during the service

The Tenholder 4!  Believe it or not, Violet has morphed into a daddy's girl and waits all day for him to come home.  I'm thankful she has such a loving daddy so that Isaac can enjoy lots of mama time!

Grandma and Papa took us out for ice cream to celebrate


We went to Bounce U for a friend's birthday party and it was awesome!  Parents can go on everything, too.  We all had a lot of fun. 

Girls really learn how to cheese for the camera!

We also went to a fairytale tea at the Magic House!  We got to see a short version of Cinderella and got to meet her.  It was a fun girls only morning.

Decorating a crown.  You can never have too many jewels!

Posing on the stage

And cheesing!

Concerned for Cinderella...

Drinking tea from a real tea cup!

Presenting Cinderella with the art she made for her and flowers she picked on the way in.  It was so sweet!

She could hardly contain herself!!

The best word to describe 3 and a half is: DRAMA. We've got it in spades!

See any resemblance?

7 weeks for Halloween

7 weeks Violet

8 weeks Violet - long and lean!

8 weeks Isaac

Hey little guy, is it cool if your sister makes her ballerina dance on your head??

Pretty proud of himself for rolling over at 8 weeks!  Same as big sister.

Working hard on his belly!

Violet working hard, too!