Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This is the best picture we managed to get this year.  She sure was a busy little ladybug...

She figured out trick-or-treating very quickly!  We had to stop her from walking into people's houses!  She would take some candy, say more, and grab another handful.  Good thing she was cute and nobody minded! 

What a fun Halloween!


 Violet is very interested in hiding these days.  She will find a small space, tell me she will "go hide," then try to surprise me when she comes out.  She can hide in the ottoman, in a cabinet, under a chair, in a closet, or anywhere else her little body will fit.

Where's the baby??


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Silly look...

This girl CRACKS me up!!!!

Girl has some moves!

Halloween party #1

We spent a fun morning at the Magic House yesterday for the member's only (how VIP!) Halloween party.  They had some snacks for everyone and special trick-or-treat stations set up all around.  It was cute to see all of the kids in their costumes.  Violet recycled her ballerina outfit because her official 2011 Halloween costume was way too hot for this warm weather!  She was very cute and very comfortable :-)

The best shot of her costume

She LOVES sliding the letter doors up to see what's inside

Making some modern art

Just your average ballerina/construction worker 

Loving being on the stage 

 Doing some karaoke to "America the Beautiful"

Proof that she does actually help color the things we mail off to grandparents!

Nap time

Sign of a good nap: crazy hair! 

I love lazy weekend days when we can snuggle when she wakes up.  Dad (in background) is enjoying the Rams game.

LOTS of snuggles!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Graber visit

 We had a great time with the Grabers!  Our kids had fun together and even managed to nap and sleep alright at night.  We went all around town and everybody had fun and there were no major fits from anyone - thank the Lord! 

On Saturday we went the Botanical Garden.  It was a beautiful morning and it wasn't even very crowded.  A picture with all 7 of us looking the same direction - amazing!!
 The girls were fast friends!

 Coloring together :-)

 Having fun on the sheep :-)  I have to mention that Ben is the giggliest little guy I've ever met.  I could just look at him and he would crack up!  It was hilarious - he is so sweet and I love him!

Sunday morning we went to Suson Park and had fun walking around the lakes, playing on the playground, and seeing all of the farm animals.  I love seeing my girl and my guy together! 


Grammy brought Violet a swing and it is her new favorite thing!  We swing multiple times a day and she especially loves doing under dogs :-)

You know you're from Illinois install the swing ropes on your shoulders instead of a tree!

Helping daddy install the swing 


 It was a beautiful fall morning at Eckert's and we had so much fun picking apples!  Since Violet loves to eat apples she was thrilled to be able to try so many.  It was very special to go with Grammy and Aunt RiRi and we even saw a few memorials to my great-great-aunt Juanita Eckert who passed away last month.  It was a very special trip and we cannot wait to go back next year!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick deals

$3.48 for:

-4 CoverGirl makeup products (eyeliner, mascara, blush, lip gloss)
-2 Vicks cough drops

So much fun!

This weekend my mom and sister came into town and we all had a great time! Friday night and Saturday morning Nate and I went to an awesome parenting conference so Violet got lots of time with Grammy and Aunt Ri Ri.

Fun at the park

"Helping" Ri Ri update her blog

Saturday night we went to Dewey's and Yo My Goodness in Webster. Violet hitched a ride on Grammy's shoulder when she started to get tired.


We had hours of fun with Riley's new iPhone's CamWow app. Literally HOURS of fun!!

I missed these gals!

We went to Eckert's for apple picking Sunday morning and it was glorious. Many more pictures to come!

While mom and dad were away...

Violet had so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa. I can see why they are having Violet withdrawals!

Click here to view these pictures larger

Pony Party!

We call any type of hair accessory a "pony" around here. We sometimes like to have a pony party and put as many ponies in our hair as we can.

Look at all of those ponies!

Love that smile

Even more in the back :-)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two baby girls!

Our very good friends are new parents! Their baby girls were born early Monday morning and they are doing great. I got to meet the sweet babies and they are so precious! I am so excited to spend 1 day a week with these little angels. We are praying they end their NICU stay soon and can come home with mom and dad. Violet kisses their pictures and already loves her babies!

Margaret - 4 lbs 6 oz

Nora - 4 lbs 10 oz

mom's group

I'm so thankful for my Wednesday mornings spent with my mom's group. There were a few more moms and kiddos around but it's hard to get all of the toddlers in the same area! We were about to enjoy a picnic lunch on a beautiful fall day at our neighborhood park. I guess coming home from vacation isn't so hard after all...

Monday, October 3, 2011


YOU GUYS!!! We had the best vacation ever. Ever. EVER EVER. The word for our trip is: Outrageous. The weather: outrageously perfect. The all-inclusive Sun Palace: outrageously beautiful and amazing. The food: outrageous delicious and inventive. The service: outrageously friendly and enchanting. The time away just us: outrageously romantic and fantastic. Violet even had an outrageously fun time with Grandma and Grandpa!

Our flights and customs/immigration stops were uneventful. We got our transfer to our hotel and the lobby smelled like...bliss. The have aromatherapy all around the hotel and it was the most amazing smell. We were greeted outside with a cool towel, a flower for me, and refreshing tropical cocktails. We checked in and used our free credits from booking with Travelocity to upgrade our room to the concierge level. Just more amazing benefits like the fancy chairs on the beach and special non-dorky clear bracelets that meant we were VIPs or something. Amazing.

We got to our room and we literally danced around it was so beautiful. The double sinks, frosted glass big shower, bath robes and slippers, huge jacuzzi tub, and balcony overlooking the ocean: outrageous. We unpacked quickly (I'm quirky and like to put everything away and in drawers while traveling) and put our bathing suits on and headed for the beach.


In the warm water

This is the advertised photo from the Sun Palace website

This was our actual view, taken with our regular old camera. AMAZING!

We sat on the balcony a lot and listened to the waves...


They have 4 restaurants and 24 hour room service and we decided to try the Thai place called The Orient. Nate enjoyed many varieties of sushi and the shrimp fritters shown here. I had some tasty banana rolls that were an interesting mix of cream cheese and cucumber wrapped in banana. The best part was we ate outside in the warm breeze and toasted to our vacation.

Here are some really crappy pictures of our room - sorry about that

We jacuzzed (verb form of jacuzzi, of course) and ordered from the pillow and aromatherapy menu. There were 8 types of specialty pillows and 4 aromatherapy scents to choose from! The

We got breakfast room service the next morning and it was muy bueno. You could choose to hang a tag on your door the night before and select a time and what you wanted to eat and it would be delivered on time in the morning....outrageous!

Then we headed to the beach for the entire morning...

After a delicious lunch we headed to the activity pool - or the "fun" pool. We played a game of water polo and met some friends. We played a few rounds of Bingo - or more specifically "bingo bingo por los crazy gringos!!"

I met my friend Senorita Alexa who helps coordinate social things for the guests. She was promoting the baby turtle release that night...

We got dressed up for our nice night out and only took this picture the mirror - DOH!

For dessert we got the Mexican flaming coffee : say it with me - OUTRAGEOUS!! Our server Carlos started by warming our glasses over an open flame and rimming the glasses with sugar.

Then he combines several liquors and sets it all on FIRE!!

And pours the flaming delicacy into the warm glasses with coffee.

We headed across the hall to the bar for Mexican Idol. This guy became our new best friend and wowed the crowd with his "southern gig" and fantastic sunglass tan lines. Senor Nathan even performed a very limited edition version of "99 Problems" by his celebrity look-a-like Jay-Z!!

We pushed the repeat button and pretty much did Saturday like we did Friday. Excellente!

I had a pretty good view here...

And a good view of this handsome gringo

Senor Nathan enjoyed the waves a LOT


Lunchtime at the fun pool and the swim up bar

The famous Miami Vice drink - half pina colada and half strawberry daquiri. YUM!

Our Saturday evening was exciting because we had a romantic dinner on the beach

Just look at this handsome guy!

And this sylish lady!


Have we ever been happier? Um, no. This was the best. The best.

No wonder people keep asking if we're honeymooners!

I waited until the last night to discover watermelon martinis...HUGE mistake and my biggest regret of the trip. And we should've eaten more!

Some more scenery shots...

Adios, Cancun!