Friday, October 11, 2013

Fastest Month ever

 You guys!  This has been the fastest month of my life.  I have to remind myself of my priorities daily and technology anything falls to the bottom of my list.  So, here's a quick photo blog post to let you know we are still around! 
Siblings! Isaac's favorite person might actually be Violet.

2 week chair pictures

2 weeks!

Violet was the photographer on the next 3...

2 weeks postpartum mama

Nate took me out for an afternoon babe day adventure.  Grandma and Papa stayed with the kiddos while we went to pint size bakery, foundation grounds for iced coffee, browsed Penzey's, and got chocolates from Kakao.  It was a wonderful afternoon!

Isaac's first bath (with big sister's help, of course)

The only problem with hand-me-down clothes is that sometimes they don't match the season.  This long sleeved onesie is comfy and looks like a Cardinal's jersey.  Except it reads "Mommy's handsome Valentine!"

Fun at the Botanical Gardens with Papa