Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The big box of wipes we ordered became an interesting discussion of diapers, potty, and privates. We will keep this highly embarrassing video for later in her life...

Another morning at the park

We've made some neighborhood friends and we have had many playdates at the park. We love meeting friends who live within walking distance! It's fun to stay the morning at the park and watch kids come and go. Violet waves bye-bye to all of them and wonders where they went. I have to tell her that not everyone likes to be at the same park nearly every morning for 2 hours!

Having a snack. Check out the fingernail polish!

We like to match - it was a dress and leggings yesterday :-)

Pool Haiku

Our lazy river
Your small arms clutching my neck
And smiling, laughing

The sun is so bright
Little eyes squinting so tight
You need sunglasses

Making a quick call...

It's all fun and games until...

someone tries to get your gum


The deals have been lacking the past few weeks so I haven't even gone shopping. I made a quick trip to Walgreens and spent $5.75 for:
-3 travel size sunscreens for our trip (worth $5.25)
-1 Carmex lip balm
-full size Ajax dish soap
-Crest complete toothpaste
-Glide floss
-Playtex tampons

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Video overload (maybe) (probably) (or not)

Frequent dance parties are a must

Talking to herself in the mirror

(it's clear from the 2 videos above I let my child stand on tall sturdy objects. If I'm nearby and she's having fun, I'm all for a change of height and scenery.)

chatting before heading out

A typical day

I realized that I haven't taken many pictures of my girl lately so I am trying to document a typical summer day for us.

Before heading out to the park, we shared a peach. After working on it for a few minutes she handed me the completely clean peach pit!

We spent about an hour and a half at our favorite park. It's Brinkop Park but we call it "little park." It's about an 8 minute walk and has just been resurfaced in recycled tires instead of messy mulch. Awesome!

Walking on the "balance beam" about 19509 times.

Being silly in the tunnel

LOVE the baby chubby cheeks here

On mama's swing

We started out the morning going down the slide head-first like usual

Then climbing up...

Then she learned how to go down on her bottom!

WOO HOO!! We did this about 19805 times. She was so proud of herself! She goes faster this way and I think that's why she likes it.

Snack time again. We are total stone heads. You know, stone fruit? Geez. Peaches, plums, nectarines, and cherries are totally our faves right now.

Looking like a big girl finding what other snacks we packed.

We decided to check out the other neighborhood park and stayed there for about 30 minutes. Her obsession with yellow started here with the yellow swing. There are 4 baby swings: 3 black and 1 yellow. Which one do you think all of the kids want?

We had a picnic lunch and she learned how to do this fun trick!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

bath time chatting

Our ladybug is awfully chatty in the bathtub. I tried to keep the camera angle at a non-embarrassing level and ended up cutting off almost all of her. Whoops! I love to hear her little voice saying all of these new words. Of course my favorite is "mummy!"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Deals today

You guys! My mom was here this morning and went to Walgreens and CVS with me. It was so awesome to have any extra set of hands to help with Violet so I could quickly shop and get my coups organized.

This morning I spent $12.32 and got some good stuff. I forgot to add a couple of things to the picture - whoops! BUT, the best part is that I spent $2.39 all Walgreens and got:

-12 rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper
- 2 6-packs of Expo dry erase markers
- pack of crayons
-Revlon nail polish
-Pert Plus shampoo/conditioner

The rest I got at CVS:
-12 pack Mountain Dew
-12 pack Diet Orange Crush
-1 pack of Huggies slip on diapers
-Vaseline lotion
-Caramello bar (free)
-band aids (free)
-5 Gatorades


I cannot believe we have been MIA for so long! We have been working on sleep training because Violet had a terrible night with night terrors and we had to work with her not to be afraid to go to sleep. We are nearly back to easy sleeping and it has been so worth it! We've also had lots of guests and fun adventures. We welcomed a niece and got to meet sweet baby Ashley. Violet loves babies and liked to give her kisses on her head.

Aunt Riley came to stay with us for several days and it was awesome! Violet quickly learned to say "Ri Ri" and we all had so much fun together.

They had fun throwing toys down the stairs.

We went to the Science Center with our playgroup

We enjoyed this tasty asparagus, mozzarella, cantaloupe, and pancetta salad

Violet learned how to climb up onto the table (danger!)

Grandpa T picked out this awesome whale pool for us.

Waiting to go the "Pooooo" We are total pool heads this summer :-)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deals 7-31

I am kind of disappointed in the deals this week. I spent more than usual and felt like I didn't get a lot. I didn't have any Register Rewards or Extra Bucks to start and I spent $22 for everything pictured. I do have $3.50 in Register Rewards for Walgreens left over for next week.

For $22 I got $69 worth of products. Not too bad!

-4 12 packs Cottonelle toilet paper
-1 box honey graham crackers
-4 boxes Special K bars
-1 folder (needed a filler item)
-8 pack of Crayola markers (free)
-2 Nivea chapsticks
-4 ct razor cartridges for Bic Soleil
-Crest Pro-Health mouthwash
-small Dawn dish soap
-9 pack Goody hair clips (free)
-2 Skinny Cow chocolate bars (free and delicious!)

Chatty girl

We are moving in to the jibberish phase and it is hilarious!