Monday, February 18, 2013

Park & Skates

It was nice enough outside this morning to go to the park for a little bit.  She was very brave and went down the yellow slide all by herself!

Super awesome!

One of her books has a picture of pink roller skates and she has been asking for them for months!  Last night we were at a friend's house and they had...wait for it... pink and purple roller skates!!  They were in their Goodwill pile so we gladly took them home with us and we have been skating all around.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is a dream for little girls who love pink, purple, hearts, and all things fancy!  We wore our purple dresses (her request) and made sweetheart sundaes at the Heights.
Check out this super cute headband!
Check out the butterfly we made!
Not the first time she's had ice cream for breakfast...

There were flowers!

Flowers mounted on the wall in a Pinterest-y way!

There were daddy hugs!
There were sweet notes!

Violet hitting the pink juice hard at our playgroup party.

It was a beautiful day!

Jake, her Valentine for the 2nd  year, pushed her on a swing.  How chivalrous!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Catching up

Kitty cat face paint at a kid's mardi gras celebration - she specifically asked for whiskers!

Painting pink hearts (her version) at the Magic House Valentine's party
We had a rough few days of attempted potty training and this is how it ended: wet through 2 extra pairs of pants so no pants to wear home, crying for me to hold her like a little baby, stress for us both, and lots of tears!  So, we are back to diapers and happy with that for at least the next few weeks until she is ready to try again.  Phew!

It snowed again!

She shoveled the driveway for us.

Snow angels

Her solution to reaching her Elmo balloon: her stepstool and tongs.  Genius!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Silly Saturday morning

She wanted to go ice skating with pink ice skates, so I taped straws to the bottom of her boots, filled a pan with water, and set it outside until it was frozen. Homemade ice skating!  (edited to add: this post brought to you by the daddy man)

Today was National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. Serendipity ice cream shop in Webster Groves opened early with free hot chocolate for anyone in their PJs. We arrived to find a line out the door. We waited about an hour but there was a festive atmosphere with lots of kids who couldn't believe their parents were getting them ice cream for breakfast.

 Ice cream breakfast creation: waffle with maple syrup, topped with butter pecan ice cream and crumbled bacon.
Of course she needed pink ice cream.