Thursday, February 24, 2011

Privacy, please.


This girl's got rhythm!


Sharing her snack with Jackamo. Check out the super cute crawling skirt - the knees are padded and the tutu skirt attached is fabulous!

Once again, looking out the front door. Another super cute outfit!

A tiny bow fits in her hair!!

We went to celebrate Gavyn's 1st birthday!

Nate made some tasty pommes frites

She's really starting to be a little monkey and climbing up everything

Nate was off on Monday and he tried to recreate some of The Little Gym activities.


With 2 top teeth coming in, Violet has wanted lots of hair time, paci time, and snuggling time. I can handle that!

Welcome Home!

Porch time

Last week it was so nice outside we spent lots of time on the porch. We ate snacks, played in the grass, watched cars go by, and waited for daddy to get home from work. We were thankful for the fresh air and sunshine.

Nice shades!

See, I'm here too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

catching up

Although we've been spending more time at home the last couple of weeks to try to get the sleep situation under control, we've still been busy!

You can always tell where's she has been by following the messes....

Do all kids love bathrooms??

What about tupperware? Do you spot the baby?

Having a snackie in her carseat. Don't you think "Carseat full of Cheerios" would be a cool band name? Anywhoosle, she really was happy but it was hard to smile with the sun in her eyes.

What a beauty!

Just chatting with the baby in the door. She could play at the front door for such a long time. So, she does! A long time for a baby = 10 minutes!!! Also, what's cuter than a baby in jeans? Seriously. That reminds me of a joke. What's cuter than a cat? ANY DOG. HA!

We're back!

We're back, well rested, and all I have is this dumb picture to prove it. We'll catch up, I promise. :-)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Look at her go!

She obviously likes doing trust falls as much as she likes to walk!

We wonder how many steps she could take if we could keep scooting back fast enough...

Monday, February 7, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts lately - we are in the midst of some serious sleep training. The sleep has been not so good for a while, then rough, then bad, and finally really really terrible. The day she woke up at 2:30 am and didn't go back to sleep until her morning nap was the real breaking point!

We're working on nighttime sleep and naps and we've got a good system thanks to The Sleep Lady book. It's been 3 days and things are getting way better, hallelujah! We've been asking God for wisdom and patience about this process and we are thankful things are getting better.

For the next week or so our days and nights will be consumed with getting good sleep, so I hope to post some well-rested pictures of all of us soon!


fishy face

Check out those fish lips!


Daddy had an audience while he cleaned the snow from the cars. She loves her daddy!